Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Our Progress

Our Progress at the allotment

(By Shayaan)

Day 1: 

Looking at this photo, we can see that this allotment had a lot of work to do to make it sutiable for a kitchen garden. However, the first task would be weeding. Before looking at the second day, weeds will be explained. Weeds are plants which stop the growth of other plants around it. Therefore, we would need to get rid of these weeds if we wanted to grow a plant like tomato.

 Day 2:

Today, we had to get rid of any remaining weeds from last week, and then plot, using a measuring tape and stake (a stick which is placed into the ground to mark out a section of a garden) on every side of the plot. This would then make it easier for us to figure out where to plant the vegtables when it comes to it.

Due to the fact that we were short on tape measures, we used a string to measure one metre. At the end of the day, the string turned out to be more helpful than maybe a stick would be!  




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